Sunday:   10 AM-8 PM
Brunch Menu:
10 AM-2 PM   |   Lunch Menu: 11 AM-4 PM
Wings & Pizza Menu: 11 AM-8 PM   |   Dinner Menu: 4-8 PM

Monday & Tuesday:   CLOSED

Wednesday & Thursday:   4-8 PM
Happy Hour Menu: 4-6 PM   |   Dinner Menu: 4-8 PM

Friday & Saturday:   11 AM-8 PM
Lunch Menu: 11 AM-4 PM   |   Dinner Menu & Fish Fry: 4-8 PM

Give us a call at 507-454-3767 to make a reservation!

Guests receive outstanding quality and choice of food at Signatures. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service as we bring you a dynamic menu featuring gourmet entrées, homemade desserts, and a full-service bar. Come see for yourself and enjoy a Signature experience today!

Signatures Restaurant offers a wide variety of quality options for you to enjoy in a relaxed setting with great views all year round. Service is provided by attentive and friendly staff in a timeless and sophisticated setting to ensure a positive experience for you during your visit.