Meet our new event coordinator at Signatures, Emily Hoff! Dedicated to bringing your next event to life, Emily walks through each step of the way with you, from planning the details to managing the event.  Emily has worked 8 years in the event planning industry from business-to-business, nonprofit, and consumer events.

Witnessing creativity first hand at work is Emily’s favorite thing about working in events. She said, “I am constantly amazed at how people transform the spaces, and how everyday objects can become beautiful centerpieces.

The best piece of advice, when it comes to event planning that Emily always likes to remind people of is, “The sooner-the better. If you have invites ready or you can check something off your list – do it! I often see events get off track not because deadlines were missed, but because people waited to send something out or confirm a decision. If you’re invites are in – mail them out, if you know your menu – send it to the Chef. If you can check something off our event planning list – do it! There is no sense in waiting. It is amazing how fast time flies and how quickly deadlines can sneak up on you.”

The versatility of the spaces that Signatures has to offer with Visions Event Center, The Ballroom, the Private Dining Room, and the Summer House is Emily’s favorite thing about Signatures, where she was married in 2016. “We have spaces for small events or large events and really any event in-between. Our spaces are also so different in that they really allow you to find the right space for you. We have our Summer House, which is a smaller venue and really incorporates the outdoor beauty of Winona. It has a beautiful cottage-like feel to it. Then, on the other side we have Visions, which is a larger, more formal space that can hold all your family and friends. It has the beautiful windows which showcase our bluffs. Visions really combines elegance with comfort. It allows you to host all the people you want without compromising on beauty.”