Each new menu at Signatures restaurant is inspired by Chef Britton’s creativity and passion, “I like cooking because it is different. Even though you can make the same dish one hundred times, each time it is just a little bit different. It is challenging and requires you to think. I don’t want to do anything else.”

Chef Britton has been cooking at Signatures Restaurant since 2011, when he started making salads, cheese platters, and desserts. Since then, he has worked his way up on line to the position of line supervisor, where he does everything from creating special entrees to making desserts, all while using French cooking techniques to reinvent recipes in new ways.

The dessert that Britton is known for is his cinnamon roll cheese cake. A two-day process, this house made cinnamon cheese cake is layered with brown sugar and served with whipped cream and berries. Cheese cake is not Chef Britton’s only specialty. He started creating hot sauce out of the abundance of peppers from the Chef’s Garden behind Signatures Restaurant, and tweaking recipes until it was his own special hot sauce.

Even after years of cooking, he still thinks that his mom is a better chef than him. He gained experience as a child watching his dad bake and playing along in the kitchen with his parents. Over time, he gained experience and now boasts of a collection of over 50 cookbooks.

“It is just fun. I get to make food. This is something that your parents told you not to do when you were little, don’t play with your food, but I get to go play with food! You have to see it as fun and challenging. If you are not happy at work there is no point,” Britton said.

We appreciate the dedication and creativity that Chef Britton brings to his job every single day!