Ever wonder why Signatures Restaurant is called Signatures? Once inside the restaurant it does not take long to figure it out. The walls display memorabilia signed by the some of the greatest icons in pop culture. This collection will take you down memory lane, with many pieces that may surprise you. Come explore this collection and enjoy dinner surrounded by the limestone bluffs in Winona, MN.

Released in 1964 as the soundtrack album to the movie of the same title, A Hard Day’s Night showcased the band’s collective songwriting talent and was the first Beatles album to feature entirely original material. This vintage cover for the album is signed on the reverse by McCartney and Starr.

Starting as a self-taught musician, McCartney formed a small group of musicians from Liverpool. Over time, they went from smoky clubs to stadiums filled with screaming fans. As his musical journey continued, the hits kept coming, recording and performing seemingly non-stop after work he was back performing sold out shows and contributing to the world of music.

Today, you can find Paul McCartney’s autograph alongside Ringo Starr autograph on a Hard Day’s Night Album at Signatures Restaurant in Winona. Located in our Signatures Dining Room, dine with a view of the golf course and bluffs, and explore the collection of signed memorabilia like Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr’s signed A Hard Day’s Night album cover!