Signatures Event Policies


  • Winona Golf & Dining (WGD) will not preset any glassware, cutlery, or plates on tables. All dinnerware will be brought out with each course
    • The only items on the table upon guest arrival will be the tablecloth and any decorations provided by the client.
  • Clients may utilize 62-inch round or 8 ft rectangular tables but are limited to 4 guests at the table unless the guests share a household then the limit is 6 guests
  • Only the bride and groom and/or DJ will be seated on risers
  • Bride and groom table must remain 6 ft away from all other tables
  • No high-top tables are allowed in the bar area
  • No chairs at the bar
  • Guests must remain 6ft apart while ordering beverages in the bar

Food & Beverage

  • No outside food or beverages will be allowed in/on the premises
    • The only exception being wedding cakes. 
      • All wedding cakes will need to be cut, plated, and served by WGD at $2.00 per plate cake cutting fee. 
  • No self-service food or beverage service is allowed 
    • No self-serve water station
      • A WGD team member will provide waters to guests in the bar area
    • No appetizers/late night snack buffets
    • No butler passed appetizers
    • WGD will offer prepackaged snacks, such as individual bags of chips or pretzels, but all snacks must be served by a WGD team member. 
    • Appetizers may also be served to individuals as a course during dinner service
  • Signatures will provide water glasses to guests during the salad course, however bottled water is available in lieu of water glasses for an additional charge of $1.50
  • Clients will be responsible for collecting the salad dressing choice of each guest. All salad dressings will be pre-portioned in disposable containers