Passionate, dedicated, and committed to quality, our executive chef, Jeremy Beck, was born and raised right here in Winona, MN. His cooking career started at 9 years old with his grandmother at her business Mrs. “Ma” Beck’s Catering, which she ran in Winona for over 50 years. At age 15, Beck started working at Signatures (then the Country Club) as a dishwasher. Over the next 10 years, he worked his way up to becoming the Executive Chef of Signatures Restaurant in 2010.

“My mom will come out to Signatures and say, ‘How did you learn to cook like that?!’ I grew up eating hot dogs and mac and cheese, but over the years I learned from the chefs around me and from my grandmother.”

Each season, Signatures Fine Dining restaurant releases a new menu and Beck is the mastermind behind the new menu items. He pulls together the line chefs for their thoughts and ideas on new menu items, too.

“We will sit down and talk about the new menu and let the line chefs throw in their thoughts and ideas for new dishes. A new entree might be collaboratively created by three different chefs. One might have figured out the starch and one the sauce. It is a team effort.”

“The Seafood Fettuccini is a new item on the summer menu and a dish I created a few weeks ago at my house for my wife. She loved it and told me to add it to the new menu. I do some of my experiments at the house and some experiments at the restaurant.’’  The summer menu will start being served on Thursday June 21st, 2018.

“I have to say that the thing that still to this day makes me happy, is taking the time and effort to make items that can call for 6-15 steps and then hear that people like it or it is the best entree they have ever had. My ultimate goal is that customers leave happy and we will do whatever we can do in our power to make that happen.”