Stories Behind The Signatures: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio Signed Restaurant Menu

Ever wonder why Signatures Restaurant is called Signatures? Once inside the restaurant it does not take long to figure it out. The walls display memorabilia signed by the some of the greatest icons in pop culture. This collection will take you down memory lane, with many pieces that may surprise you. Come explore this collection and enjoy dinner surrounded by the limestone bluffs in Winona, MN.

Known as one of the most iconic Hollywood symbols of her time is actress, model, and singer Marilyn Monroe. Before her claim to fame, Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson, but when she signed a contract to an acting agency she became known around the world as Marilyn Monroe. More than half of a century after her passing, the legacy of Monroe still lives on throughout her various roles in many iconic films throughout the 1940s to the early 1960s such as “Some Like it Hot” and “The Seven Year Itch”.

Sixty-six years ago today, Marilyn married baseball player Joe DiMaggio on January 14th, 1954 at San Francisco’s City Hall. They were known as the picture-perfect, all-American couple, but their marriage was short and only lasted nine months. 

DiMaggio, also known as Joltin’ Joe” and “The Yankee Clipper,” played as a center fielder for the New York Yankees during his 13-year career. His 56-game hitting streak and success with the Yankees makes DiMaggio known to many as one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Our Signatures Dining Room features a children’s menu from The Big Top restaurant at the Tides Hotel and Bath Club, signed by Monroe and her then-husband DiMaggio in blue ink. What makes this menu unique is that it is designed to be folded and worn as a mask by its pint-sized patrons. 

This signed menu is one of the only few items featuring the signatures of both Monroe and DiMaggio from their brief marriage. This menu can be found near the left side of our Signatures Dining room, so be sure to check it out along with the rest of our signed memorabilia the next time you dine with us! 

After exploring the collection of signed memorabilia, try our new seasonally inspired winter menu, featuring items like our Locally Sourced Lamb Shank, Butternut Agnolotti, Scottish Salmon and more!  Finish your meal with one of our house-crafted desserts such as our Apple Spice Cake, served with eggnogg ice cream and Dulce de Leche sauce.