The high temps and abundant rain have helped our gardens thrive this year at Signatures! The restaurant is surrounded by three gardens with flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This time of year, you may see our staff picking fresh produce and herbs from our garden to be incorporated into the dishes. Nothing makes us happier than cooking with items from our very own property.

Our Chefs garden contains basil, dill, cilantro, mint, parsley, cilantro, peppers, and onions to name a few items! Green beans, cucumbers, and peppers also grow besides the herbs. The herbs are used to garnish the drinks and the bartenders pick mint for our mojitos daily.

Our gardener, Sarah, spends at least 20 hours a week taking care of the three different gardens and landscaping on the property. She says that is a constant battle with mother nature when it comes to the weeds, but she loves watching the plants flourish and grow.

With our wide variety of produce and herbs, we strive to serve the freshest ingredients whenever possible. The peppers, cucumbers, and beans are starting to ripen and will be ready to be picked. Fruits like pears, cherries, strawberries, and raspberries are used throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Our flower garden includes a plethora of interesting plants such as Swiss chard, Russian Sage, Sedum, Purple Fountain Grass, Brown Eyed Susan, Lambs Ear, Asiatic lilies, and Blazing Star.

Edible flowers, like Hibiscus and Day lilies, are also planted in the garden area and can sometimes be found in the dishes served in our Signatures Fine Dining restaurant. Also planted throughout the garden are white and yellow flowers called Yarrow, rumored to be used as a love potion, according to Sarah.

The Signatures Fine Dining room overlooks a Traditional English garden that includes well-manicured Boxwood bushes and beautiful pink Iresine flowers (also called “Chicken Gizzard” which does not do that pretty flower justice).

The bees and butterflies love the Purple Cornflower (Echinacea) in our garden and so do we! Dine on the patio and enjoy a view of our blooming flower gardens, with the scenic limestone bluffs as the backdrop, which creates a magical dining experience. Paved walkways wind all throughout the gardens making it easy to explore and check out what is growing in the garden. Dine, Play, and Relax at Signatures!